Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red Rock Canyon 18 X 24 SOLD

This painting is a commission I did for a young military family.
He is in the Airforce and plans to be a career man, and has already served two times in the Middle East.
He and his wife have four beautiful children, and since he is transferred about every two years it just so happens that each child has been born in a different place .
They buy a landscape painting for the child where they are born so that when the child is grown and have their own place they will have an art collection started and it will be special to them because it is where they were born.
What a great idea, not only are they teaching the child art appreciation, but also starting their collection.
I wish you could all have met this family, they such good parents and the children are not only beautiful, they are so well behaved.
This was one of those really great experiences we sometimes have as artists.
I sincerely salute this young family and want to especially thank the young man for serving in our military service.
I hope you all join me in saluting and thanking our men and women in the military service.


  1. Red Rock has never been better represented... I join you in saluting this family and hope and pray for his continued safety as he serves our country. Thank you, Alston, for sharing this wonderful story and beautiful painting. -Don

  2. What a lovely story. It's great that your art will be used as the basis of a connection between child, parents and birthplace.

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  4. Thank you Don, for your nice comment about Red Rock. It is especially good coming from you since you are here to see the "real thing".
    And thank you for joining me in saluting this

  5. Thank you Deborah, And I feel honored to be a part of this family connection.I just wish every one could have met them, they are such a wonderful family.

  6. I just returned from a "mini" vacation with my grand daughter, we went to Catalina Island and my brain relaxed soooooooo much, I spelled several word wrong when I went to send Don a message so I REMOVED it and did a new one DAH ! ! no more vacations for me grin , grin.

  7. I made a side trip to this area when I was in Las Vegas years ago (someone managed to get me away from the slot machines). It was beautiful; you did it justice in your painting.

  8. Thank you Hallie. I appreciate your compliment.Most people don't realize how much natural beauty we have here in the desert.

  9. We are truly blessed to have found you. We love this painting and it is a true representation of Red Rock. This oil painting will always hold your love that you put into it. You are a remarkable artist and truly remarkable person. Thank you for doing this for us.

    David, Mari and Family