Tuesday, July 28, 2009

18 X 24

I finally finished this painting of Red Rock Canyon.

It is unbelievable how different the colors are on the mountains at different times of the day. Tomorrow we are going up to the canyon VERY early in the morning to see how they look with the sun rising on them.I also need to get the correct name of each mountain because there are a number of different ones and I can't call them all Red Rock Canyon, even though you see them from there. I will title this after our trip tomorrow.

I'm almost finished with a painting of Arch Rock which is in Valley of fire, another of our beautiful state parks.


  1. Re title: Looks like "A sienna runs through it." (I have trouble being serious.)

    It's another beauty--makes me want to re-visit Red Rock Canyon. I was so in awe of the colors when I was in your part of the world; my camera just could not capture the vastness and breath-taking beauty.

  2. Thank you so much. We were there about sunrise a few days ago and the light color of the mountain was almost " pink". It fascinates me how different the light can make them look, almost not real. Come on out ,fall is a wonderful time here.