Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Years Resolution

Most of us have started out the new year with our " New Years Resolutions" and I hope we can keep at least most of them.

On behalf of the children in our country and every country I ask you to add one more resolution,and that is to spend some or more time with a small child.

Our children , perhaps unknowingly crave the same things we do, attention, recognition,praise and love. And yet we "adults" are so busy seeking what we feel we need that we sometimes forget that the little ones need those things from us.
It is a proven fact that young children learn quicker and better from birth to 6 or 8 years of age than any other age.
They develop "life habits" during those formative years and it's up to us to teach them "good life habits", like the desire to want to read and learn helpful and beneficial things, and learn to treat others the way they want to be treated.
Some say " oh, they are too young to learn". Well I'm here to tell you that is just not true.If you don't believe it watch how fast a little one learns that if they throw their toy on the floor while sitting on your lap you will pick it up, and they have learned a new game.

Recently I saw a You Tube of several small Asian children playing guitars in concert, they were so small the guitars looked enormous in their little laps.
And the music and harmony that came from those little ones was astounding ! How did they do that at such a young age ? Someone took the time to teach them, and let me tell you they were incredible !

Unfortunately we give children electronic and mechanical games and toys and they learn perhaps more from them( and not always good things) than from us. Not that I'm opposed to those kind of games and toys, but I think they need more "human" relationship.

So please resolve to spend some time with a little one, playing a game or reading to them or teaching them art or music, or just taking a walk and enjoying nature.
Our little ones are truly gifts so lets show our appreciation for them by giving them a bit of ourselves and let them know we appreciate them.
Next time I will give a couple of suggestions on how to teach a child while spending time with them.

Keep in mind, I am an old grandma who loves children and what I give you I call "horse sense" or just plain ole common sense. I do not claim to be an educator.

Until next time show kindness,
Grandma Joy

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